Saturday, October 17, 2009

a letter from the producers

My life has been way too messed up this week. Too much has gone down. Haha. Anyway, this poem has a few lines outright stolen from an old buddy-boy I used to know. Well, actually, I don't know if they're stolen. They may just be inspired by one of his poems. In any case, there you go.

Annie get your gun 
but don’t be too quick 
give a little saunter and smile a little bit 
your stoicism is laid on somewhat too thick 
you been ringin’ dem bells
of success and you’ve got a britch 
that needs to be cut about a quarter of an inch. 
We wish you’d lower your chin 
and stop wearing your medals 
in front of our men 
you seem to blind them with your chest 
for different reasons 
than what they’ve come 
to expect.

We hear you think 
for yourself and that 
you cannot be bought 
for a buck and a shot 
of Kentucky B. 
Annie we need to talk, see 
if your boots keep stompin
and your heart keeps jumpin
and your eyes keep squintin
at targets in the light 
there’s gonna be a fight.
Wasn’t it enough that you
outshot our best man 
and now we’re left trying to understand 
his plan to win your hand?

Annie there’s a way 
to have your name in the paper 
without outshining our big boys. 
Try not to stick 
to your guns 
quite so much, 
and maybe slump 
your shoulders 
once in a blue moon, 
alright honey?


Deistbrawler said...

Poem? Or song?

Anonymous said...

This is great!