Monday, May 4, 2009

i do not ask for much.

It was the unstoppable force
God, look at it go
like a fucking bullet,
pow, motherfucker
right into your chest
holy christ they all said,
fingers going up down, side side,
father son holy fucking spirits
fast as lightning and you never see it coming
black as night, coming for your children
well I see you on the edge of your seat
what, you’re saying, what is it,
God tell me.

Get off your toes, cowards,
I’ll tell you soon enough.

Ate her clean through,
big bulges the shapes of cities
all along her,
touch them, they all said,
what does it feel like?
It feels like pain.
But it wasn’t your pain, was it?
It felt like yours, you could hold it
in the palm of your hand
feel the bump of it;
it took your mother like it took your
love, you say, and God scoffs.

Motherfucker, he says,
you think I have time to kill you
with love?

You can do

I have got other shit
to deal with.

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