Saturday, April 18, 2009

holy balls.

I'm thinking of a career change, maybe. I don't think I really like art school and I'm not a standout student, really.  Not only that, but I kind of just want to write. 

I'm not a good enough writer to make a living out of it though, so... I don't really know what to do. I hate not feeling that challenged at Emily Carr, but I know I'd completely fail if I had to do more than what I'm doing. Haha. I'm really confused. Lately I haven't been able to write anything worthwhile. I'm just not a naturally talented writer like some of the people I know, and it's so difficult for me to write anything worth reading. 

That and I don't want to be an art school dropout. 

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Samantha said...

Y'know, I totally felt this exact same way a few months ago. I was in music school and I (1)have horrible stage fright (2)hate competitiveness (3)hate auditioning for bullshit things I don't want to sing anyways. Plus, I wasn't very good. It's like you and I are perpetually in the same situations and same mindsets.

Seriously, though, you're writing's damn good. But I'm really critical of my poetry, as well, and I definitely feel like attempting to make a career out of writing is going to be hard, to say the least.

I can honestly tell you, though: what you write is worth reading.