Thursday, March 26, 2009


I had some weird dreams last night. First one was of Daniel and I going to this huge party. It was really fun and everyone was there, but it was in someone's awkwardly shaped house and a whole bunch of stuff collapsed on Daniel. Mike Flynn and I helped get him loose, then he wasn't breathing, then he got up, hugged me, and threw up Cheerios everywhere.

Then I had this dream that I went to Joe's birthday party. It was another one of those huge birthday parties, like the one he had that I couldn't go to. We were being really friendly, and helped solve the mystery of who attacked his new cat, who said, "Y'all know that dog has it out for me because even though I'm old, I jive walk." We kept wanting to talk and go outside, but never could because one of us always had to do something.

His mom kept serving us raw food and accusing me of killing her chicken, and everyone at the party had to clean the house. Someone would always move people into separate rooms so that Joe's mom, my mom, and Joe were always alone together, and he never complained about it when it interrupted our conversations. So I got really mad and went into the bathroom, where I spilled all of his mom's popourie (sp?) and it blinded me so I fell, knocked myself out, and woke up. 

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