Saturday, March 28, 2009


So... after hours and hours and hours of work, one side of my Media Arts project (it requires both halves to work since it's two sides of a conversation) was deleted and I, after having a difficult week, had a complete mental breakdown. We're talking screams silenced by covering my mouth, crying like a baby, kind of wanting to die. I worked so fucking hard on that thing. God. Anyway, so while I was having this freakout, I suddenly needed to talk to someone who understood just how much that project meant to me. So I called Joe. Thank God that no one answered, because that... would have been awkward. Then I called Phoebe and we had a good talk. Still feeling shitty, but not that shitty.

Edit: Not gonna lie, watched some Grosse Point Blank, started my painting, went a little apeshit on it, might have stabbed it with a kitchen knife and thrown paint around like a monkey. I feel amazing now.

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