Friday, March 27, 2009

bear mountain picnic

"boss ain't it awful the way
they make you look at things" - Bob Dylan (excerpt from "Tarantula")

They say the last meal's
the best meal, chicken
stuffed with gold, enough whiskey
to make a grown man sour.
I hear there's wine, too,
the French kind, none of that Califor
nye-ay bullshit, and a man
comes to take away your plate
that's how you get out of this place,
boss, ain't it awful the way

things just die, no matter how
you hold on, cry out,
shout on the rooftops for God
to come down and say, "Ain't nobody
hurtin' you or yours today,
not even you."
I hope nobody's down there
waiting; I remember their mouths,
their chests, and their eyes, their eyes
when they make you look at things.


"two brothers
& a naked mama's boy" - Bob Dylan (excerpt from "Tarantula")

When I came down
it was two o'clock
and she was asleep
dreaming of all the things
she'd never seen before.
I kicked the table
tipped the vase
slapped her chest
knocked the heads of her 
two brothers

against her two sisters,
and cleared my throat.
She did not make a sound,
and since not a soul
was around, I told her
I loved her, kissed her neck
slapped her chest
and there we were
two brothers, three sisters,
and a naked mama's boy.

I love having free time at the bookstore. I just find pairs of lines from all the poetry books and waste my time writing demi glosas. Haha.

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